Water speaks of water

Water speaks of water

Jenny Haack – Dance, Adam Pultz Melbye – Double bass, Michael Vorfeld – Percussion and self designed string instrument

Water speaks of water ist ein in Echtzeit entwickeltes Trio.
In einer Feed-Back-Situation beeinflussen sich Tanz und Musik gegenseitig, verändern und formen sich. Dabei entstehen intensive Spannungsfelder zwischen Bewegung und Klang, zwischen Aktion, Licht und Raum. Gesten und Klänge entfalten ihren eigenen Puls – ein facettenreiches Spektrum visueller und akustischer Bilder greift in den Raum. Die Lichtperformerin wird darin zum vierten Player.

Water speaks of water is a trio performance unfolding in real-time.
Movement and sound, performed together on a common ground, carve and sculpt each other while also insisting on their individual autonomy.
The trio creates intense, yet open fields of relation between dance, music, action, light and space, and invites the audience to immerse itself in the poetics of gesture and sound. These later elements develop their own pulse, as a a broad spectrum of ever-changing visual and sound images grip the space. The light performer acts as a fourth player. When water speaks of water it does not pass judgment, seek proof or nurture ambition.

In the performance, the texture of sound becomes the main reference point for the dancer. While composing in real time, she is consciously triggered by sound, by playing with the scale of intensity, direction and texture of her movement.
Melbye and Vorfeld – both protagonists of the Berlin Echtzeitmusik-scene – explore the resonance of space through idiosyncratic sound environments. By means of unique playing techniques and instrumental preparations, surprising textures appear and melt together with the precise movements of the dancer. The result is extremely intense, open and abstract relationships between dance and music, between action and sound.

Über/ About
Since its inception in early 2016, the trio explores the field of sound and movement, researching the nuances and extremes between acoustic and visual action which arises between body, instrument and space.
Dance and music unfold in real-time – at times subtle, grotesque, complex, vibrant, sharp, dry, oscillating, turning, static, exuberant, reduced.

Das Trio erforscht seit seiner Gründung Anfang 2016 das Spektrum zwischen Klang und Bewegung, Nuancen und Extreme zwischen akustischer und visueller Aktion, zwischen Körper, Instrument und Raum.
Pur und direkt entfalten sich Tanz und Musik in Echtzeit- feinstofflich, grotesk, komplex, pulsierend, schneidend, trocken, schwingend, drehend, statisch, überbordend, reduziert.

Performance: 28.07.2017, SOUNDANCE Festival Berlin